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SNL Switcheroo (2)

Saturday Night Live! See James switch bodies with Beck Bennett in the Saturday Night Live skit "Sitcom Reboot" 2018.

Highlights Hangout Cast Photo - cropped.

Love this Highlights Hangout cast! Emmy nominated/Grammy winner Tim Kubart, Juanita Anderson, and Conner - the Goofus to James' Gallant - are the best!

LI 12 Features James Bernard and ACS

Hear James Bernard sing "Red Ryder" on LI 12 television report - A Christmas Story at the Patchogue Theatre.

James as Ralphie, A Christmas Story

"James Bernard, playing 9-year-old the talented genius portraying a young lower-middle-income Indiana boy in 1940. As a guileless, earnest good kid, his transitions from reality to fantasy are absolutely seamless." - Long Island Advance

A Christmas Story Rave Review

"Gateway is known for acquiring Broadway-caliber talent and this show is no different. Ralphie is played by James Bernard, an extraordinarily talented 12-year-old who has a remarkable resume, which includes shows like The Sound of Music and To Kill a Mockingbird. Once you hear him sing, it’s clear the kid belongs onstage." - Dan's Papers

Kids Steal Show in Sound of Music

"The most intricate and infectious moments in “The Sound of Music” belong to the kids...In the national touring company now at the Kennedy Center, the young performers could hardly be more charming as they croon “So Long, Farewell,” or more polished as they romp through their boisterous numbers. If they don’t entirely steal the show — and maybe they do — they certainly own the moments that will linger on the way home." - The Washington Post

SOM: James Bernard and Jack O'Brien

Sound of Music National Tour Von Trapplings (including James Bernard) in DC with Director Jack O'Brien and Nicholas Rodriguez (Captain Von Trapp).

As Dill in "To Kill a Mockingbird"

"We had a lot of choices for the role of Dill in "To Kill A Mockingbird," but James Bernard was by far my favorite. James is a gifted performer, and was able to connect with both the humor and the pain that his character experiences. James is also extremely disciplined. He arrived at the first rehearsal completely off-book, and adapted quickly to any changes in staging. He is generous with his fellow actors, and a pleasure to work with. I was delighted with his performance." - Rob Urbinati, Dir.

James Bernard is a Hit as Ralphie

"James Bernard is great as Ralphie. His vocal abilities are stunning for one so young, and every note is a pleasure to hear."

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